All cards are professionally printed, blank inside, come with a cream C6 envelope and a clear plastic sleeve to protect them.

All images are my original work.

They cost A$5 (approximately US$5) each. Postage and handling are free.

Pick a few and enjoy sending them to your loved ones.

Greeting Cards List
Image Description Order
Leaf after the rain Leaf after the rain
code: G001
Spoons Spoons
code: G002
Garlic Garlic
code: G003
Gardenia and birds Gardenia and birds
code: G004
Mosaic daisy Mosaic daisy
code: G005
Cockatoos Cockatoos
code: G006
Castle’s staircase Castle’s staircase
code: G007
Goma Kate 1 Goma Kate 1
code: G008
Goma Kate 2 Goma Kate 2
code: G009
Leaf Leaf
code: G010
Spider Spider
code: G011
Jemima Jemima
code: G012
Byron 1 Byron 1
code: G013
Taipei 1 Taipei 1
code: G014
Taipei 2 Taipei 2
code: G015
Taipei 3 Taipei 3
code: G016
Cradle Mountain Cradle Mountain
code: G017
Blossom Blossom
code: G018
Mandala Mandala
code: G019
Caravan Caravan
code: G020
Pam’s water garden Pam’s water garden
code: G021
Mosaic Mosaic
code: G022
Roof Roof
code: G023
Window Window
code: G024
Brushes Brushes
code: G025
Butterflies Butterflies
code: G026
Cotton reels Cotton reels
code: G027
Before the harvest Before the harvest
code: G028
Viecave Viecave
code: G029
Table and chair Table and chair
code: G030
Billinudgel Billinudgel
code: G031
Cycad Cycad
code: G032
Kate’s Kimono Kate’s Kimono
code: G033
Pine Bark Pine Bark
code: G034
Vivid 1 Vivid 1
code: G035
Vivid 2 Vivid 2
code: G036
Banana flower Banana flower
code: G037
Hurricane Fu Hurricane Fu
code: G038
Mushroom Mushroom
code: G039
Winter bliss Winter bliss
code: G040
Brand new feet Brand new feet
code: G041
Mum’s blanket Mum’s blanket
code: G042
Newrybar bakery 1 Newrybar bakery 1
code: G043
Newrybar bakery 2 Newrybar bakery 2
code: G044
Dimitri’s bread 1 Dimitri’s bread 1
code: G045
Dimitri’s bread 2 Dimitri’s bread 2
code: G046
Harvest Café Harvest Café
code: G047
Candy apples Candy apples
code: G048
Illawarra flame tree Illawarra flame tree
code: G049
Christmas 1 Christmas 1
code: C001
Christmas 2 Christmas 2
code: C002
Christmas 3 Christmas 3
code: C003
Christmas 4 Christmas 4
code: C004
Christmas 5 Christmas 5
code: C005
Christmas 6 Christmas 6
code: C006
Christmas 7 Christmas 7
code: C007
Christmas pack of 7 (A$20) Christmas pack of 7 (A$20)
code: C008