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Evolution Corporate Cards

Evolution Corporate Cards

I was once part of a training group called evolution and exercised on Sydney beaches, often in awe of the most magnificent Australian sunrises (evolution starts at 6am!). When Mike asked me to design some corporate cards for them, I was thrilled. The result is beautiful and vibrant, like the culture at Evolution. I love it!

Vivid & Electric

 Vivid 2011

Since 2009, every year the city of Sydney dresses up the sails of its Opera House in colour for the Vivid Festival. The event is designed to cheer locals and visitors up from their Southern Hemisphere winter blues with light installations and music.

Grace Jones Hurricane Show

Grace Jones

One can see how she became such a successful pop icon: Grace Jones performed perfectly choreographed acts with raucous energy and a pair of kilometric legs that demanded (and got) continuous undivided attention.

On Falling in and out of Love with Ivana Trump


I love Ivana’s Orwellian capacity to say the opposite of the obvious truth: in this interview, she talks at length about being happy with her body and then employs a formidable Photoshop team to airbrush each and every inch of her skin to a wrinkle-free tanned glow Barbie would be proud of.

Music Compilations – mixing tapes with Nick Hornby

Cast Iron Table (detail)

Since moving to the country, I have been driving a lot. I don’t particularly like it and I am not particularly good at it: my friends still tease me for driving straight into a ditch twenty years ago. It was not my fault: it was foggy and I was late for Magnum PI.

A Day in the Life of the Curly Cousins

The Curly Cousins

The Curly Cousins

Thank the Lord for the Curly Cousins! We knew the Cousins are good: we have been to their concerts in town, own and love Rochelle’s (the Cousins’ Sunshine) “Jambu Tree” CD and my son and I have been regulars at Mandy’s (alias pigtail-Coco) Singing by the Sea weekly gigs for kids. Their CD is just as good as their live performances.

In the Mood Book Review

In the Mood

In the Mood

Laura Bloom’s new book: “In the Mood” is about war. The war that soldiers brought home together with their guilt for what they did and for their own survival. It is a war shattered in a million pieces that fill the air like a swarm of locusts getting into people’s nostrils and lungs and each and every one of their thoughts. It is a powerful spell that breaks only when the protagonists state what they want and go for it.