Luke at The Farmers’ Market


Luke Bennett was playing Mullum Farmers’ Market today. He has a new EP out called “Trust”, which sounds – unsurprisingly – glorious.




@ Luke Bennett Music

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Flock Café in Lismore


Hipster lunch in Lismore: Chimchiminee sweet corn fritters with hot smoked salmon, avocado, house chimichurri verde and a free range poached egg. I took a chance on what “chimichurri” might be and landed a delicious meal. Service was excellent

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Yum Yum Tree Café in New Brighton

Ocean swim and then lunch at Yum Yum Tree Café: South Golden Smoked Ocean Trout: herby crushed potato cake, local smoked ocean trout, Bangalow free range fried eggs, house made pesto; handsome coffee and a chat to Holden about Moroccan

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