Luke at The Farmers’ Market


Luke Bennett was playing Mullum Farmers’ Market today. He has a new EP out called “Trust”, which sounds – unsurprisingly – glorious.




@ Luke Bennett Music

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Flock Café in Lismore


Hipster lunch in Lismore: Chimchiminee sweet corn fritters with hot smoked salmon, avocado, house chimichurri verde and a free range poached egg. I took a chance on what “chimichurri” might be and landed a delicious meal. Service was excellent

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Yum Yum Tree Café in New Brighton

Ocean swim and then lunch at Yum Yum Tree Café: South Golden Smoked Ocean Trout: herby crushed potato cake, local smoked ocean trout, Bangalow free range fried eggs, house made pesto; handsome coffee and a chat to Holden about Moroccan

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The Custard Genius of “Made from Scratch”


“Scratch” is the creation of Greg and Angie Wilton: he is the chef, she is the business powerhouse. Greg describes it as: “a bit of a dream really; it was something I always wanted to do: open my own bakery - patisserie; either that or buy an old one and do it up”.

The Cafes of Yamba

Beachwood café

Over the years, we have tried and tested many of the cafes in town and on this trip, I have decided to share my well-caffeinated knowledge. This is my personal selection of Yamba delights.

The shape of the funnel – fame, integrity and new media

GetInlineCartoon by Gabriel Robinson at Ebag Pictures   We have sacked the journos but we still need PR professionals and with traditional advertising following traditional media down the drain, we need more and more of them because the media (orthodox and social alike) remains the key stepping stone to achieving fame and getting through that funnel is still key and still bloody hard whether the gate-keeper is democratic and techy or old-fashioned and beholden to a media mogul.

Kalpona Akter

kalpona_akter Kalpona Akter was recently arrested in New Jersey and detained for a couple of hours. She was accused of trespassing while attempting to deliver a letter to the CEO of US retailer The Children’s Place.