Dave’s Wave Music Compilation



I met Winny at school (his daughter is in my son’s class) and I quickly grew jealous of him: he seemed to be constantly travelling to one tropical paradise after another! When I enquired after his line of business I found out that he is a professional surfer – “Winny” is how bodysurfing in-the-knows call the champion Dave Winchester.


I watched a few bodysurfing videos on the net and was amazed at what Dave can do in the water: he harnesses the waves’ energy and uses it to propel his acrobatics: he remains airborne – frog legs out wide – for way longer than the laws of physics should allow and his mid-air somersaults look graceful, almost effortless. As someone with better lingo than me said on YouTube: “Winny shreds!”.


This music compilation carries Dave’s name because I pinched his surfing videos soundtracks and mixed them. Gotye contributes the first three tracks. He deservedly cleaned out this year’s ARIA awards and he just makes for a great start to my list. I owe the Cee Lo Green song to my friend Annamaria, who showed me his beautifully choreographed video; the rest is what I could find scouring the programs of a couple of US music festivals. Jovanotti features twice (both songs are from his latest album “Ora”); he is a great Italian singer songwriter and he sits – in this mix – very pretty.



Maurizio Viani



Title Artist Album
Eyes Wide Open Gotye Eyes Wide Open – Single
Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) Gotye Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) – Single
Learnalilgivinanlovin Gotye Whip It (Music from the Motion Picture)
Dangerous Boys The Protectors Tarantula – EP
Shakeytown I Heart Hiroshima The Rip
Playing God Paramore Brand New Eyes (Deluxe Version)
A Shot In the Arm Wilco Summerteeth
Can’t Stand It Wilco Summerteeth
Cry Baby Cee Lo Green The Lady Killer (Deluxe)
La notte dei desideri Jovanotti Ora (Deluxe Version)
Megamix Jovanotti Ora (Deluxe Version)
Cinco The Ruby Suns Fight Softly
Chariots of Fire Mission Control Innerspace – EP
Smile O. Children O. Children (Bonus Track Version)
Tin Roof (feat. Nathan Edwards) Barnstormers Graveyard Town
Little Bit of Feel Good Jamie Lidell Jim (Bonus Video Version)