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In the Mood

In the Mood

Laura Bloom’s new book: “In the Mood” is about war. The war that soldiers brought home together with their guilt for what they did and for their own survival. It is a war shattered in a million pieces that fill the air like a swarm of locusts getting into people’s nostrils and lungs and each and every one of their thoughts. It is a powerful spell that breaks only when the protagonists state what they want and go for it.

In the Mood is a great novel; beautifully written and expertly situated at an historic point of flux: when the war is finally over, when life can continue and everything is possible. It is about a society ridden with guilt for what it has asked its men to endure and so demands that its women forget their competence and step back into their kitchens to free space for the returning soldiers.

Social control is dissected and exposed for what it is: a web of obligations and constraints that cover every aspect of communal human life: work, neighbourhood, family. A brutal dance of demands and obligations that commands actions and shapes lives.

And love of course, this book is about love: the intimacy that feeds it and the secrets that kill it but in Laura Bloom’s unsentimental pecking order, survival comes before love.

Laura Bloom’s new book is a terrific read. Its characters feel real; their choices and mistakes twisting the story in unexpected, though believable ways. In the Mood will enrapture and engross you in a way that only a great book can. Its destiny is to become a modern classic.

Laura Bloom=

Laura Bloom

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