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Raven at the 2019 North Coast Mud Trail


On this year’s mud trail, wood fire ceramicist Raven Esque said he rarely re-fires pieces because it is hard to predict how the heat and the ashes from the fire will affect the glaze, “but if a pot turns

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Elliot’s Psychedelic Bookstore: The Hip Pocket

The Hip Pocket

When I enter the store, Elliot is sitting by the window making “God’s eyes” while a couple of his friends are reading and chatting on the next bench; the record player entertains them all spinning an old tune. The room is shady and aromatic with incense, I look around and the lavish décor hits me: ceiling collages, wall murals, bookshelves, rugs, sofas, framed pictures, art installations and an eclectic collection of objects from another era transforms this space into something quite unexpected and it is hard to take it all in at once.