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The Custard Genius of “Made from Scratch”


“Scratch” is the creation of Greg and Angie Wilton: he is the chef, she is the business powerhouse. Greg describes it as: “a bit of a dream really; it was something I always wanted to do: open my own bakery - patisserie; either that or buy an old one and do it up”.

Sera’s Thumbprints

Sera’s Thumbprints

Our friend Sera gave us some of these lovely biscuits for Christmas a few years ago and we immediately asked her to hand over the recipe, which she did graciously. These thumbprints are so easy and gorgeous that we have been baking them regularly ever since. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can use a different vegetable oil (like corn or sunflower) but with coconut the bikkies turn out extra-delicious and the house smells like heaven while they are in the oven.

Pimping Pestos

South West Rocks Pine Trees

I often cheat and add extra cheese because, as dad used to say, “al furmai le un gran ruffian”, which is a Modenese dialect say that translates literally as: “cheese is a great pimp”.