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The shape of the funnel – fame, integrity and new media

GetInlineCartoon by Gabriel Robinson at Ebag Pictures   We have sacked the journos but we still need PR professionals and with traditional advertising following traditional media down the drain, we need more and more of them because the media (orthodox and social alike) remains the key stepping stone to achieving fame and getting through that funnel is still key and still bloody hard whether the gate-keeper is democratic and techy or old-fashioned and beholden to a media mogul.

Joe Moore’s Street Symphony

The Hip Pocket

Joe is talented, good-looking and committed; when he performs, his connection with the public is immediate and effortless. Women – especially – are spellbound and almost mechanically pull out their mobile phone and start filming him. The romantic theme of his music might help cast the spell: all of his songs are about love. He says he wrote one about being hung-over once but even that could be classed as a borderline love song. Whatever it is that makes him so appealing, it is working: he has 10,000 Facebook fans and when he mentioned an upcoming trip to Europe he was asked to perform (and offered a couch) in most of that continent’s cities.

Dave’s Wave Music Compilation

Dave’s Wave Music Compilation

This music compilation carries Dave’s name because I pinched his surfing videos soundtracks and mixed them. Gotye contributes the first three tracks. He deservedly cleaned out this year’s ARIA awards and he just makes for a great start to my list. I owe the Cee Lo Green song to my friend Annamaria, who showed me his beautifully choreographed video; the rest is what I could find scouring the programs of a couple of US music festivals. Jovanotti features twice (both songs are from his latest album “Ora”); he is a great Italian singer songwriter and he sits - in this mix - very pretty.

A Day in the Life of the Curly Cousins

The Curly Cousins

The Curly Cousins

Thank the Lord for the Curly Cousins! We knew the Cousins are good: we have been to their concerts in town, own and love Rochelle’s (the Cousins’ Sunshine) “Jambu Tree” CD and my son and I have been regulars at Mandy’s (alias pigtail-Coco) Singing by the Sea weekly gigs for kids. Their CD is just as good as their live performances.